Lancaster & Nutramax on Lucky Dog

By Mandy Catoe

February 22, 2018

Scout at his new home photo suppliedLancaster and one of its corporate anchors will bask in some heartwarming national TV exposure Saturday morning, as the “Lucky Dog” episode taped here last fall is broadcast on CBS.
Nutramax Laboratories, sponsor of the Emmy-winning program, will hold an invitation-only watch party at the Springs House during the 10 a.m. airing. Guests will include company executives, local officials and animal-rescue groups.
The stars of the show and the party will be Scout, a rescued poodle-terrier puppy, and his new owner, a Nutramax employee who has been battling cancer.
“Lucky Dog” host Brandon McMillan spent a week in Lancaster last October taping the show and delivering Scout to his new owner, whose identity has been kept under wraps since then.

McMillan and Dr Henderson tour Nutramax.JPG

Dr. Todd Henderson, president and CEO of Nutramax gives Lucky Dog host Brandon McMillan a tour of Nutramax Laboratories.

McMillan gives Scout a kiss at Nutramax

McMillan gives Scout a kiss at Nutramax Laboratories.

Saturday’s event celebrates Scout’s rescue and showcases Nutramax’ “Lucky Dog” partnership, which started last fall as the series entered its fifth season.
“We are very blessed and excited that our company and employees were able to participate in the filming of this ‘Lucky Dog’ episode,” said Dr. Todd Henderson, president and CEO of Nutramax.
“We are also thrilled that one of our very own employees and her family were able to provide a forever home to a rescue dog.”
Nutramax, a family-owned business founded by Dr. Bob Henderson in 1992, moved its headquarters from Maryland to Lancaster in 2010 and employs more than 300 workers here.
The company researches, develops and manufactures nutritional supplements for animals and humans. Cosequin, Nutramax’s flagship joint supplement, co-produces “Lucky Dog” along with Litton Entertainment.
The show, part of CBS’ uplifting Saturday morning lineup, has won two Emmys, two Parent’s Choice Awards and five Telly Awards.
In each episode, McMillan rescues a shelter dog and trains it to live in a specific home. Often the new owners have special requirements, such as a person in the family with a disability or the need for the dog to be able to go on long car trips or run beside a bike. So each training regimen is a little different.
Todd Henderson said Saturday’s broadcast will give Cosequin buyers around the country a chance to see where and how the product is produced.
“It’s a great chance for our customers to get a sneak peek of our facilities in Lancaster and see the pride we take in manufacturing quality products,” Henderson said.


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